After a visit to Damien House, and after you return home, León is a resident that you remember. He talks to you, laughs with you, and shares his soul with you. It is hard to not remember someone who, after having both his legs amputated, still is so full of life and happiness.

León recently celebrated his 80th birthday and is still a beacon of joy. He came to the Damien House over 40 years ago and he has been a center of support for everyone. He makes sure things get done and people are taken care of. First with a paintbrush, León makes sure that where the residents live is a beautiful, colorful place. He invites all visitors who wish to leave their mark to help paint and touchup the murals around Damien House. If you have the time, León will even find you a space to create your masterpiece.

Those who meet León leave here with a deep impression about the kind of family that Damien House is. One can see and realize that this is a place for all those who desire love and compassion and they know this is the home that they can receive it at.