One does not know what to expect on an ordinary day at Damien House. Such was the case when Sr. Luz called with a special request. A 93 year old woman named Natividad was found by her neighbors crawling on her hands and knees. She was hoping to find some food in her tiny cane house. Sr. Luz asked, “Don’t you remember her? Damien House built a bathroom for her years ago.” Since then, she was abandoned by her family and left alone to care for herself. Neighbors were concerned because she could no longer walk. The request was simple, could you take her into your home? Our reply was an immediate yes! In January, Natividad became part of the Damien House family.

Natividad came to Damien House confined to a wheelchair. While here, she met with long term volunteer and Occupational Therapist Bethany. After some therapy, she is now walking! This has brought a huge change in the attitude and emotions of Natividad that she has her independence back! We were able to do this because of the generosity of all of our donors!